5 Challenges Recruitment Process Outsourcing Can Solve 2019

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The future of recruitment for companies is offering challenges, Nicoll Curtin’s Subscription-Based Recruitment solutions can solve some of your problems.

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1. A frequent issue we find our clients mention is time. 

Not enough time to recruit the right candidates is what is seemingly holding back a lot of companies. Unable to carry out daily tasks and projects whilst at the same time recruiting seems to be impossible in comparison to the performance of what an NCT can offer.

We can “uproot and entrust an external provider with either a part of their entire recruitment process.” Our Client Engagement Manager becomes an addition to a company’s HR department freeing up an abundance of tasks allowing the HR department to effectively work on more important issues that they may be facing.

2. You’re taking too long.

Recruitment can be time-consuming, we know. That’s why our subscription model is the next best thing, we dedicate all our time to the recruitment process, so you don’t have to. Screening, marketing, interviewing and sourcing all by our dedicated delivery function allows productivity within a company to be at its maximum whilst at the same time the acquiring a positive quality of hire.

3. You want to hire top talent but are struggling to find and interest them.

From the get-go, we will have access to the knowledge that you need. Nicoll Curtin immerses into a company to understand their culture, their market and most importantly the kind the of candidate a company requires. Our duty of care is to make sure that they not only bring in the right people for the job but also retain them.

4. Business can be unpredictable, so can hiring demand.

Scaling up and down effectively is an area in which a lot of companies lack vital education. Scaling up or down correctly is the difference between a company making a loss or growing into a more successful company. Our flexible service can recognise when it is right for a business to scale up or down depending on the market, new projects or changes in legislation. Our Client Engagement Consultant will advise a company on how can help strengthen your company for the future, not just ‘now’.

5. You lack market knowledge and insight that your hiring managers need.

Choosing Nicoll Curtin is no longer just a way of filling a vacancy but also a source of knowledge and guidance. This was recently highlighted in our article ‘Struggling to Find The Right Recruitment Agency For You?’ where we mention that recruitment agencies are more than what you may expect. We here at Nicoll Curtin have been working with various legal bodies, umbrella services and accountancy firms to be able to become more knowledgeable and be able to advise our clients in the best way possible.

RPO’s have the advice and knowledge that you don’t have but need.

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