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BeecherMadden Celebrate 1 Year at Nicoll Curtin Group

Today BeecherMadden celebrate their 1 year anniversary since joining the Nicoll Curtin Group. In October last year, they joined with plans to develop and expand, both in the UK and US markets. Over the last year, the two companies have combined the best aspects of their cultures and recruitment strategies to achieve excellent results; building a diverse client base by focussing on quality customer service for both client and candidate.

On the first anniversary of their acquisition, Nicoll Curtin celebrates their biggest successes;

Continual Sales Growth

One of Nicoll Curtin’s key values is to be outstanding. Many of the consultants at BeecherMadden have been with the company since before the move into the Nicoll Curtin office and have absorbed the key values alongside the personality of the company; proactively responding to change and successfully instilling these values in new starters. This attitude has led to a continual growth of sales since 2017 with the aim to always beat their previous year.

Expansion in the US

In recent years, the increase in demand for cyber security has skyrocketed, but the need for cyber security experts in the US has never been greater. Building relationships and businesses in America, from New York to Washington, has promoted the business as international experts in cyber security, a trait that candidates consider crucial in their job search. In recent months, they’ve also worked alongside infrastructure and hedge fund companies, writing white-papers outlining the risks of specific industries ignoring the demand for cyber security and how this can affect their company, the industry and even the country.

Internal Promotions

The hard work and savvy recruiting of the consultants have led to continual sales growth from 2017 and a positive growth projection for 2018/19. Whereas this benefits the business, it is also displayed in the individual growth and development of the consultants excelling in their fields. Since 2017, there have been two internal promotions, including a very successful apprentice scheme.

Forbes HR Council

Karla has been accepted onto the Forbes HR Council for her recruitment and business expertise; regularly sharing her expert opinion in discussions and writing her own articles for the website. Her most recent articles include ‘Come Back From a Career Break to the Industry That’s Ready and Waiting for You’ and ‘The Workplace Program That May Solve the Skills Gap Problem in Cyber Security’.

New Website

Last month, BeecherMadden launched a whole new website where they will continue to post articles, job adverts and discuss both internal and industry news and share information about relevant events in the UK and the US.


To see the new website or to find out more about BeecherMadden or roles that they currently have available, go to