Diversity at Nicoll Curtin

We know that an optimal business environment is a diverse one. As a dedicated and responsible partner, we’re committed to helping our clients improve their business performance by providing them with diverse talent.

We interviewed some of the team to see what they thought about the diversity here at Nicoll Curtin.

This is what Steph Wingrove, one of our team leaders had to say:

How do you feel about the diversity at Nicoll Curtin and why?

“Diversity is one of Nicoll Curtin’s highest priorities. Our CEO James Johnson is incredibly passionate about the subject; having delivered talks at several conferences, and has helped build the entire group on equality for opportunity & progression. We have people from all sorts of backgrounds/experiences and characteristics across our 3 global offices, and this has benefitted us in so many ways. It always adds fresh perspectives to problem-solving, it has increased employee engagement & valuation of the company, and as a knock-on effect has helped our company grow substantially; if you have the best people – you win!”

Do you think this helps you integrate diversity in your own recruitment campaigns?

“Diversity is something that any successful business strives for and we know first hand that diverse teams are happier and more successful. This is why we have this at the forefront of our recruitment, however, we are committed to working with technically suitable candidates who can perform the role. We have seen in many studies over the past few years that the benefits of diverse hiring are undeniable – including higher retention of good talent, higher innovation and increased profits.

In all of our markets, diversity is a hot topic, however in some sectors including Technology, it has been noted that this could go even further (example – 49% of UK workers are women; 19% of all tech workers are women) although some areas are seeing great improvements (Tech directorships are composed of 18% from a non-British nationality, compared to 13% in the wider economy* Source – technation.io)

We involve ourselves as much as possible to promote this and involve ourselves as much as possible with events & meetups like Diversity in Tech, Women of Silicon Roundabout & Women in Technology.”

Did you feel like your interview process and ultimate introduction to life at NCT was completely unbiased?

“Yes, I do. Even with the fact that half of our senior positions within Nicoll Curtin are held by women, we are not just hired for diversity sake. Our CEO makes is clear that “promoting diversity is not about giving a helping help; it’s about equal opportunities. It means the best person for the job should always be hired or promoted.” Every one of us; no matter what background we are from, are hired on merit and a deserving place.”

How does NCT go above and beyond to protect diversity and inclusion for their hiring strategy?

“Easier said than done, but removing bias from the recruitment process. All backgrounds, experiences and education are welcomed.

We only use neutral language and offer equal opportunities from the offset. When calling people to interview, we have standardised questions to ensure that all interviews are fair, and all candidates have the same experience. We don’t necessarily believe in a “culture fit” either; we tend to focus on skills but also a person’s values; i.e. if they are accountable, tenacious, ambitious and if they can show open & honest communication. Interviews are not just conducted by one person, but several people across the business to ensure that all views are taken into consideration before a verdict is reached.

Regardless of people’s histories, identities, qualifications etc. everyone deserves the opportunity to develop talents & skills in workplaces with a supportive and safe environment. The only way business, in general, can remain sustainable is to embrace and commit to ensuring diversity is at the forefront of their processes, and at Nicoll Curtin, this is exactly what we strive to do.”

Being able to build a diverse workforce within our own walls positively influences each and every one of our recruiters. An interview like this is vital in understanding how the team at Nicoll Curtin UK  are tackling, finding and sourcing some of the most elite diverse talents.