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Staying Compliant

The compliance and on-boarding process is constantly evolving, moving into the technological age. The majority of our clients operate an on-boarding process that uses an online electronic process alongside the traditional personal process of meeting the candidate/ applicant.

Please see the diagram below (Click to enlarge) to see how Nicoll Curtin is ensuring we stay compliant moving into 2016 and that we are always on the pulse with any changes our clients might be introducing.

On boarding JPEG

There are also several ways you can improve how compliant you are:

– Evidence: it is extremely helpful to document any career and educational progress you make. For example, keeping copies of any educational certificates or professional qualifications you have is a way of increasing the speed with which the compliancy can be completed.
– Maintaining all identification documentation, ensuring that all your documents are up to date and valid prevents the chance of problems arising, which could cause delay.
– Notifying your employer or whoever is carrying out the screening of any changes to your situation. It is unlikely that this will affect your employment if the on-boarding process has already been completed but sometimes additional checks are required if a contractor’s situation has changed and providing such information will always be beneficial to compliance.
– Retaining contacts and documentation from previous employments. Having too much information is always better than having too little. It is unlikely that documentation will be required for on-boarding such as invoices/ payslips, Resignation emails and copies of contracts are the sort of evidence required in such instances.
– If in doubt, ask! We are always here to help and appreciate hearing about any queries you have, hearing your questions always helps us improve the compliance process.

Please feel free to contact me below in regards to any queries you have:


Harry Staniforth