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The Importance of Management Team Building

Team building often invokes images of slightly daft attempts to cobble together a bridge out of tires or dragging everyone out into the great British Outdoors when it is seasonably wet and cold. Bonding through suffering! Forced fun! David Brent management at its best.

So why do it?

Well the short answer is, it works. And what you do almost doesn’t matter as long as it follows three basic rules:

  1. Do it out of the office. Neutral territory puts everyone in same position and changes group power dynamics.
  2. Get people mixing so they speak to people they normally wouldn’t. It’s why just a dinner for larger groups isn’t a good idea or just a night in the pub.
  3. A bit of ridiculous competition. Just witness the England football team and their unicorn racing in the pool! The need to win provides strong incentive to quickly form effective team with any real consequences for losing.

However if you want to include yourself in the group and not just unite everyone against you then probably best to do something fun. So best scrub those plans for that winter treasure hunt in the woods…

As a management team we’ve done archery, escape rooms, laser tag and recently climbed the 02.

Managers are the priority because if they mix, their teams will mix and given enough opportunity they see themselves as a team rather than islands of competition. When you come back to the office, suddenly new lines of communication are open, there’s shared experiences to build on and that person who you never spoke to before is your new best friend

And that leads to a nice atmosphere and high performance. Two things we are very passionate about.

So who’s up for axe throwing?!