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Director of Service Delivery

  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Job Type:Permanent

Posted 9 months ago

  • Sector: Software Development
  • Contact Email:
  • Job Ref: JN -102022-44220

The Director, Service Delivery provides leadership, direction, and management to the delivery of consistently high-quality services by our client, with a focus on strategic and operational planning, governance, and evaluation of service delivery performance to support the achievement of objectives.

Key accountabilities

  •       Provide leadership and expert advice on service delivery issues, planning, service development approaches and create best-practice service delivery goals, standards, and measures of success to ensure expectations are clear and that service delivery strategies are well aligned to overall client’s objectives

  •       Develop and implement service delivery priorities, strategies, and programs in short, medium, and long-term timeframes to meet the diverse needs of key stakeholders

  •       Drive and oversee financial, human, physical and intellectual capital/resources, and their interdependencies in an operationally effective and efficient manner to better facilitate service delivery and optimise outcomes for service recipients

  •       Provide high quality service strategy planning to the Senior Executives and its clients

  •       Develop and execute robust service delivery governance and risk frameworks to identify, manage and minimise financial, reputational, and service delivery risks

  •       Monitor and evaluate service delivery processes and outcomes to ensure service delivery is efficient and cost effective and to action necessary improvements as required

Key challenges

  •       Determining the best approaches to service delivery and implementing service reform and improvement in the context of diverse and changing internal and external stakeholder needs

  •       Developing and effectively executing service delivery models which transform the way clients/customers can maximise their own opportunities and choices within fiscal, legal, and ethical public service obligations

  •       Developing and executing a multi sites, on shore and offshore, delivery model to maximise the effective deployment of technical resources based on the project needs of clients.

Key relationships

Project Managers / Scrum Masters

  • Provide authoritative and expert advice on service delivery matters, providing counsel and recommendations which influence planning and decision making

  • Establish service delivery budgeting and resourcing that are consistent with strategic plans and priorities

  • Communicate information related to delivery center performance against service delivery budgets and outcome measures

Stakeholder management

  • Advise on service delivery matters and ensure that stakeholder satisfaction with services informs decisions at all executive levels

  • Ensure the effectiveness of service delivery planning, decision making and governance frameworks

  • Develop productive and collaborative internal and external working relationships

Client’s Executives

  • Engage key client executives in service design, delivery and assessment to continually improve service delivery models and solutions

  • Coordinate and participate in monitoring, review and auditing processes related to service delivery

  • Promote the practice of quality service delivery that meets contractual requirements, legal obligations and organisational policy and procedures

Direct Reports

  • Inspire and motivate, provide direction and manage performance and development


·Champion and model the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour

  • Drive a culture of integrity and professionalism within the team, and in dealings with clients and external organisations

  • Set, communicate and evaluate ethical practices, standards and systems and reinforce their use

  • Create and promote a culture in which staff feel able to report apparent breaches of policies and guidelines, in particular IT security and IP protection, and act promptly and visibly in response to such reports

  • Act promptly and visibly to prevent and respond to unethical behaviour

  • Communicate Effectively - Communicate clearly, actively listen to others, and respond with understanding and respect

  • Present with credibility, engage diverse audiences and test levels of understanding

  • Translate technical and complex information clearly and concisely for diverse audiences

  • Create opportunities for others to contribute to discussion and debate

  • Contribute to and promote information sharing across the organisation

  • Manage complex communications that involve understanding and responding to multiple and divergent viewpoints

  • Explore creative ways to engage diverse audiences and communicate information

  • Adjust style and approach to optimise outcomes

  • Write fluently and persuasively in plain English and in a range of styles and formats

Commit to Client Service - Provide client-focused services in line with client’s IT strategy and objectives

  • Create a culture that embraces high-quality customer service across the organisation, ensuring that management systems and processes drive service delivery outcomes

  • Engage and negotiate with clients on strategic issues related to short term and long term system initiatives and standards of customer service; and provide expert, influential advice

  • Ensure that responsiveness to customer needs is central to the organisation’s strategic planning processes

  • Set overall performance standards for service delivery and monitor compliance

Deliver Results - Achieve results through the efficient use of resources and a commitment to quality outcomes

  • Use own professional knowledge and the expertise of others to drive forward delivery center objectives

  • Create a culture of achievement, fostering on-time and on-budget quality outcomes in the organisation

  • Identify, recognise and celebrate success

  • Establish systems to ensure all staff are able to identify direct connections between their efforts and organisational outcomes

  • Identify and remove potential barriers or hurdles to achieving outcomes

  • Initiate and communicate high-level priorities for the organisation to achieve desirable outcomes

Demonstrate Accountability - Be proactive and responsible for own actions, and adhere to legislation, policy and guidelines

  • Direct the development of effective systems for establishing and measuring accountabilities and evaluate ongoing effectiveness

  • Promote a culture of accountability with clear links to government goals

  • Set standards and exercise due diligence to ensure work health and safety risks are addressed

  • Direct the development of short term and long term risk management frameworks to protect against rework and other damages

Finance - Understand and apply financial processes to achieve value for money and ensure proper cost control

  • Apply a thorough understanding of recurrent and capital financial terminology, policies and processes to planning, forecasting and budget preparation and management

  • Identify and analyse trends, review data and evaluate business options to ensure business investments into service improvements are financially sound

  • Respond to financial and risk management audit outcomes, addressing areas of non-compliance in a timely manner

Manage and Develop People - Engage and motivate staff, and develop capability and potential in others

  • Coach and mentor staff and encourage professional development and continuous learning

  • Prioritise addressing and resolving team and individual performance issues and ensure that this approach is cascaded throughout the organisation

  • Implement performance development frameworks to align workforce capability with the company’s current and future priorities and objectives

Inspire Direction and Purpose - Communicate goals, priorities and vision, and recognise achievements

  • Build a shared sense of direction, clarify priorities and goals, and inspire others to achieve these

  • Work with others to translate strategic direction into operational goals and build a shared understanding of the link between these and core business outcomes

  • Create opportunities for recognising and celebrating high performance at the individual and team level

  • Instil confidence, and cultivate an attitude of openness and curiosity in tackling future challenges

Manage Reform and Change - Support, promote and champion change, and assist others to engage with change

  • Clarify the purpose and benefits of continuous improvement for staff and provide coaching and leadership in times of uncertainty

  • Assist others to address emerging challenges and risks and generate support for change initiatives

  • Translate change initiatives into practical strategies and explain these to staff, and their role in implementing them

  • Implement structured change management processes to identify and develop responses to cultural barriers


  • Bachelor's degree or above in Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field

  • 15+ years of experience managing IT operations, supervising technology teams, and overseeing the delivery of large information technology projects

  • Excellent understanding of latest system technology and trends, including but not limited to Big Data, Cloud and AI.

  • Experience in managing the deliveries of a portfolio of projects

  • Excellent understanding of project management methodologies, both using the waterfall and agile models

Business Knowledge

  • Excellent experience with business process re-engineering projects

  • Knowledge and experience with hospital and health care related systems is an advantage

Team Management

  • Experience in managing a technical team/organisation of not less than 150 staff

  • Experience in managing a cross locations team in the greater bay area