Lead C++ Developer


C++ Developer (eFX, eMM Trading Platform) – Spots/Outrights/Swap

Technical and Functional Skills Required:

  • Front office experience are well preferred
  • Minimum 8+ years of experience with strong FX background
  • Expertise in C++ alongside Unix system
  • Boost, STL, SOALCE
  • multithreaded distributed system, Quant libs and API’s
  • Excellent communications, pleasant persona and hardworking attitude is highly notable


  • Incumbent will be working on major trading platform, in the eFX and eMM domain
  • Develop pricing server (price discovery, spreading, client tier-ing, P&L calculations etc.) and interacting with business owners to model business requirements into pricing and trading workflows
  • Work on different components for pricing, trading and infra for FX spot, outrights and Swaps trading
  • Develop multi-currency IRS platform (C++ pricing engine that can use Haskell based quant scripts and API’s for pricing, global distribution infra for Interest Rates curves)
  • Deliver and complete ownership of multi-asset settlement day service engine that’s highly configurable and host complex business rules for exotic currencies (African & Middle East)
  • Develop adapter libraries to integrate it within the framework
  • Develop comprehensive automated test suites for pricing engine, different trading components and framework libraries
  • Complete ownership and delivery of very flexible and dynamic Calendaring Service (centralised holiday system that aggregates multi-data sources external and internal and provides calendars based on currency, Financial centres, asset classes and data source to different pricings and trading components)
  • Develop adaptors over multiple data sources (static and Market data)
  • Take responsibility of analysis over quant libs (C++ and Excel) to add new functionality or interfaces to framework
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