Expert Opinion

Being a Recruitment Consultant on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn as a recruitment consultant isn’t exactly the path less travelled. However, as social media develops and headhunters move away from job boards in favour of the more personalised format of social media, it’s becoming more and more important that consultants know how to utilise LinkedIn and other forms of social media. Our consultant, Rob Sinclair, who specialises in Quantitative Analytics, Machine Learning, Algo Trading and Data Science, discusses how he gets the best results from LinkedIn for both business development and sourcing high-quality candidates.

“I find LinkedIn has many benefits when resourcing, generating and growing my candidate pool. It does this by providing an accurate representation of where an individual has been educated, worked and how much experience they have in their chosen profession. It clearly outlines their recommendations from peers and previous employers which is a great way of qualifying a candidate’s credentials to discover if he/she is suitable to work with.”

“I’m always finding myself scrolling to the skills and endorsements section to cross-reference what the potential candidate has expressed in their bio or job descriptions. This section helps me justify my connection request and my pursuit of working with that individual.”

“Another benefit I find with the platform is when you haven’t connected with the targeted person, there is usually a list of suggested connections on the right-hand side of the page. These suggestions are always based on the same search criteria you have originally looked up, it almost acts as a contingency if you are unable to connect with the original target.”

“Due to LinkedIn being a professional platform your introduction to potential clients comes directly from your personal, professional profile and, therefore, works both ways and allows potential candidates to make their assessment much quicker on building a relationship with you. This is mainly due to the picture that is built from the platform LinkedIn provide for users and businesses alike.”

“Overall, I find LinkedIn the most beneficial source for researching and finding potential candidates to work with, the platform is user-friendly and is extremely useful to grow your network in a number of ways.”

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