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One of the world’s leading consulting companies is offering relocation packages to highly skilled and diverse technology-centric applicants from all over the world!

When thinking of some of the tech capitals of the world, we think of London, San Francisco, Bejing, and Dublin?

Dublin in recent years has been attracting some of the industry’s elite talent and top companies with one intention in mind, becoming a tech hub itself. With Brexit on the horizon, some of the worlds biggest companies are now considering the move to Ireland to avoid Brexit entirely, could this be your next big move?

Will Dublin continue to become a hub for tech companies?

The diverse and multicultural community that Dublin has to offer illuminates positive energy could be said to be a defining characteristic of many other tech hubs around the world. One of the top factors of why so many top companies are choosing Dublin to be their home is the favourable tax environment that, along with innovative schemes, a business ecosystem that is thriving and of course the diverse blend of talent that Ireland has at its disposal.

Why is the quality of talent available in Ireland so high?

Delving into the past of tech industry, we can see some of the first technology firms beginning to emerge, providing jobs opportunities to the tech scene. The Irish community along the rest of the world were keen to learn more about the new jobs, and what these new industries had to offer. The fact that Ireland was so open and welcoming to the tech scene allowed for a constant feed of diverse talent to enter Ireland, specifically Dublin. This process over has recognised for the diversity within Ireland to continually be spawning bigger, better and more prosperous opportunities for the future.

Last year Ireland ranked as the sixth most competitive country in the world for doing business by the Institute for Management Development (IMD). It would be impossible for another state the size of Ireland to reach the milestone it has without the right talent in place. The Irish government are aware of this and work to cultivate the right talent for the future.

What is Ireland doing differently to bring in the right talent?

Ireland has done an exceptional job in creating a business-friendly ecosystem that allows for new companies to welcomed into the country with open arms. With how easy it is to relocate thanks to the IDA’s assistance programs for visas and work permits, it’s no wonder why Dublin is so hot right now.

Does the popularity of Dublin as a tech hub create any issues?

Ireland has done a fantastic job of attracting companies from around the world, but now one of the tasks that Ireland faces is accommodating the talent that they have. One of the ways companies are getting around this issue is by allowing for flexible work schedules and working remotely, this allows for less city congestion and makes the lives of workers that live outside the city much easier.

Will Brexit affect the move to Dublin?

To put it simply, Ireland’s economy right now is booming, the chances are that there will be even greater influx companies looking to move to Ireland because of Brexit.

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