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Sebastian’s First Month at District4

Joining District4 has been a major step in my career for many reasons.

The first being a move down to the “big smoke” from Manchester. Apart from university, this is the only time I’ve ever lived independently. From Rochdale to Peckham doesn’t quite have the makings of a renowned novel, though.

The second being that this is actually my second job in recruitment; and one I would argue is one of the most important for many people in the industry.

Some find their first job suits them perfectly and that’s great, but for me personally, it’s the second job that has been a real eye-opener. I’ve discovered exactly what I want from the industry, and what it can give back to me as I progress.

In my own context at District4, I’ve moved to a new market (I now cover development rather than software testing), I’ve joined an early start-up looking to innovate in a very crowded environment, and I’m now focusing on building my own community of talented developers and building great relationships with them along the way.

The basics of the job remain the same, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but we’re a team of community builders that have a genuine interest in the technology market; focussed on being a candidate-led company. Our priorities lie with giving people who are actively looking for a new job the best service possible.

I also realised that I needed more dedicated training, I turned to the industry after a previous career path that didn’t quite work out, and the support I’ve received since I’ve been at District4 has quashed any previous doubts that might have been there.

Simple as it may sound, I wanted to bring a bit more excitement into my early working life. I had previously worked in small towns, so felt it was best to move to the big city and enjoy it while I can. I could have gone to Manchester, but where’s the fun in what you already know?

Finally, I’ve found a working environment that suits me, autonomy but the right support to get the job done. Or… if Kyle’s not looking… using some extra time in the office, learning how to code online.