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Struggling to Find The Right Recruitment Agency For You?

Going above and beyond is what every recruitment agency should be targeting to do for their clients. If a recruitment agency is not meeting your expectations, then maybe it’s time to start the search elsewhere for the right agency for you.


Is this recruitment agency genuine?

Many businesses work with recruitment agencies but fail to identify if the agency is genuine.

The right recruitment agency is one that knows your business and market inside and out.

Targeting high-quality candidates, whilst preserving a company’s culture is the expectation that every recruitment agency should strive for. You will be able to know whether a recruitment agency is genuine by asking yourself the following:

  1. Is this Recruitment Agency active within your industry?
  2. Do they have any other successful clients that fall into your industry that they have previously worked with?
  3. How open are they to helping you? (Do they just want to fill the vacancy and leave, or are they here for the long run?)

These three questions should allow you to form a solid idea of whether the agency you’re working with is genuine.

Does this recruitment agency have enough industry experience?

Experience within your market is a must. Recruitment agencies that specialise within a niche market can identify and acquire high-quality candidates with ease. To achieve the best outcome out of the recruitment process, you will need an agency working alongside you that has the equivalent, or more knowledge within your market than yourself. This follows the idea of ‘never be the smartest person in the room’, always strive for better, work with an agency that allows you to progress and provide.

Nicoll Curtin’s niche within the FinTech sector allows us to provide our service as well as expertise. Since 2003, it became recruitment agencies duty to inform and provide guidance to their clients.

If you’d like to learn more about how we could help you, contact Will Bourne via to arrange a discovery session.

Does this recruitment agency have access to specialist recruiters?

Specialist recruiters are the people on the front line, their prime purpose is to form relationships with candidates to place them within a company. Recruitment agencies that have access to specialist recruiters become very easy to work with, you can tap into prebuilt relationships and fill your vacancy with speed and effectiveness.

Theo Stergiou, a Principal Consultant at Nicoll Curtin has been working and building relationships over the past 18 months and now has the potential for reoccurring candidates who will continue to further their career search through Theo.

“Theo is an expert in recruiting people. He placed me in MasterCard. He is different from other people in the recruitment industry with his in-depth practical knowledge. I would always recommend Theo to anyone in need of a new job who wants to find a suitable alternative for career movement quickly and without unnecessary hassle.”

-Arpit Khurana

Making sure the agency you’re working with can offer these prebuilt relationships speeds up the entire recruitment process drastically, whilst still maintaining the level of skill each candidate has to offer.

Is this recruitment agency transparent?

Transparency is an area in which some agencies fail to be. Being transparent is the first step into a healthy relationship between an agency and a company, the ability to trust each other from the get-go is vital in producing the best results for both the agency and your business.

Discussion over rates and charges between the recruitment agency and business is a topic that some agencies fail to officialise and agree on terms with their client. Gathering this intel in writing as proof, allows for a smooth recruitment process with no surprise of rate increases or charges.

The overall message here is, when an agency lacks communication it can only lead on to negative events within the future.

What you should expect from an agency is to be within the process, not spectating from afar. Many agencies lack this communication between the client and the agency, they have no idea who is within the process and overall diminishes the recruitment experience for both the client, recruitment agency and the candidate.

One of the most frustrating aspects for a candidate within the recruitment process is feedback. We make sure that each of our candidates within the recruitment process stays well informed about what is going on and where they stand. Keeping everyone within the loop allows a positive experience for all as well as a positive outcome.

Is this recruitment agency aware of legislation changes and how it could affect your business?

We here at Nicoll Curtin have been ahead of the curve for several months now.

We are aware of the changes and how it is affecting our clients. We have been tackling this by educating ourselves through working with various legal bodies, umbrella services and accountancy firms to be able to transfer our knowledge across to our clients and advise them in the best way possible.

Every company is entitled to this insight. Most recently IR35 has been causing havoc amongst the private sector, yet some companies are still not preparing for the change. GSK most recently faced 1,500 of their contractors being hit by HMRC’s new IR35 letters, even some of the largest companies are still being affected by IR35. Companies are acknowledging the changes, however, are still not reaching out, or even considering preparing for change.

Nicoll Curtin provides its clients with both knowledge and market insight that prepares and reinforces them for the future, be in the know.

If you think working with us could benefit your business feel free to contact William Bourne at