8 reasons why you should choose a career in recruitment

8 reasons why you should choose a career in recruitment

Recruitment is a great sector. A recruiter has excellent career development opportunities, a high earning potential and the potential of making a difference in others' lives. Being a recruiter, you will have a highly sociable job. Recruiters meet and talk to new people on daily basis.

It is a job that will always be in demand across a variety of sectors. It is about matching the ideal candidate with their dream job and supporting a company to fulfill their mission and their business growth through finding the best suited talent for them. A career in recruitment comes with many perks and a great growth potential.

8 reasons why you should choose a career in recruitment


1. Great career progression and development

Tamara Lazic, a recruitment consultant, working in Switzerland, Ireland and UK markets started her career in Nicoll Curtin in 2020 as a trainee. Tamara gives insights about why to choose a career in

recruitment and why recruitment is a great sector.

“What I love about recruitment is that there is always space for development. I work in the technology sector, which is constantly changing. You always pick up new things in this job and learn all the time.”

Like Nicoll Curtin, many recruitment agencies have a dedicated learning and development programme. Recruiters can start as a trainee, completely new to the profession and get a promotion as early as in a few months. With the support from the industry trade bodies, recruitment companies are becoming more transparent about career progression and promotion criteria they have. You can check their commitment to their recruiters’ growth and choose your company accordingly. You may prefer to be a top biller or a leader and manage teams who are making great deals.

If you would like to continuously upskill yourself, you will have plenty of support in recruitment. As Tamara mentions, deepening your knowledge in the field that you specialise will be another learning journey which will surely take you to success.


2. Good salaries and uncapped commissions

Recruitment is a competitive sector. Recruitment companies know best how to attract the top talent and people with great growth potential. And they don’t keep back when it comes to employment packages. Recruiters get uncapped commissions and competitive salaries across the sector. With a clear promotion route, you will be surprised to see how fast your earning potential is growing in the recruitment sector.

3. Perks and benefits

Recruiters are known for working hard and partying hard. This is a cliche, not too far from the reality. Another way hard work pays off is through incentives. A lot of recruitment company offer generous incentive packages with trips abroad, lunch clubs, regular outings, team holidays and high flyer trips. Recruitment teams are friendly and close-knit communities. These trips and outings bring the teams even closer.

Benefits nowadays reach beyond incentives. Many recruitment companies have cycle to work schemes, mental health support with employee assistance programmes, private health insurances and gym memberships.


4. Global job

Every ambitious organisation on the planet needs exceptional professionals. Specialising in a sector or a profession can position you on a global job market, if this is what you aspire to. Sectors, such as technology and finance, must have an international perspective. If you choose a specialism area that is globally on demand, you can relocate or work from your home country remotely in recruiting international markets.

You can also choose to work for a global recruitment company, which has established offices across the globe.

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5. Variety of work

The variety of tasks in recruitment will keep your job interesting for you. You will remain motivated and engaged, which will also contribute to your emotional satisfaction at work. The common tasks that recruiters may complete day to day include identifying new clients, screening candidates through calls and assessments, writing job adverts, discuss roles and job descriptions, and preparing candidates for interviews.


6. No set entry standards

To start your career in recruitment, you don’t need to have a relevant degree. Although having a degree will certainly help, it is not required. As long as you have the right mind-set and a positive attitude to learning, you will have a chance to get a job in recruitment. Recruitment agencies provide plenty of training to their new starters, so any knowledge and experience gap will be identified and support will be provided by your managers.


7. Work-life balance

Many recruitment companies give their employees the opportunity of flexible working or hybrid working. Recruitment requires the skills of self-management and managing a portfolio of clients. Increasingly, meetings with candidates and clients take place in the virtual environment and the technology supports the data systems to be accessible remotely. These developments and certain attributes of recruiters make it absolutely possible to reach success while working remotely. With many companies, you will have the choice of working flexibly, which will provide you with a greater work-life balance.


8. Making positive impact in people’s lives

Recruitment is a fast-paced, competitive and hugely rewarding sector. Helping a candidate secure their dream job and supporting the clients to achieve their business or culture goals is what recruiters do on daily basis. This job will give you the opportunity of making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Tamara Lazic, consultant at Nicoll Curtin recalls her first deal. “My first deal was the most special one. It was a couple of months’ struggle, but at the end, the candidate was extremely happy. That reminded me that it’s about finding their dream job, contributing to the quality of life that the candidates want to reach. In the end of the day, it is about the people who get the job. That’s why I find recruiting very rewarding.”


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How to become a successful recruiter

Having read all the reasons why you should consider a career in recruitment, we hope that you are now committed to start your new career! There are many ways to become successful in this sector, but do you have what it takes?

5 tips to become a successful recruiter

Careers after recruitment

A career in recruitment will give you valuable transferable skills if you decide to move on from the sector. You will become highly skilled in effective communications, time-management, critical thinking and building relationships. You will gain organisational and IT skills too. Gaining experience as recruiter can easily land you on any job that requires negotiation, self-starting as well as great team work.

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