Our CEO becomes a finalist for the APSCo Award

Our CEO becomes a finalist for the APSCo Award

We are thrilled to announce that Neil Clark, our exceptional CEO at Nicoll Curtin, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the APSCo UK Business Leader of the Year Award in the APSCo UK Awards for Excellence for the second year.

Neil's transformative leadership style, unwavering dedication, and remarkable achievements have made him instrumental in driving our company's success. This recognition is a testament to his outstanding contributions and the great impact he has made in our industry. Congratulations, Neil, on this well-deserved honour! It's a great time for us to celebrate Neil, his vision, and our exceptional leadership team who has guided the company to achieve unprecedented growth and success for the last three years.

Empowering Leadership and Cultivating Growth

With a team of six exceptional directors reporting to him, all of whom were promoted internally, Neil firmly believes in growing our own people. By providing training and promotion opportunities within the company, he has nurtured a work environment that encourages personal and professional development. Our Head of UK and Ireland, Sam Burks, commented on Neil's leadership and said: “Neil can balance being a decisive business-focused leader while also a caring and understanding manager. This ability to balance both, leads to a successful and happy work force.” Our Head of Finance, Blerina Dobla, described Neil's leadership as empowering, inspirational, supportive and passionate.

It's also remarkable that our staff surveys demonstrate growing trust in our leadership team from 96% in 2021 to 100% in 2022, with the clarity in the vision of the leaders increasing from 90% to 100%.

Driving Business Growth and Innovation

Over the past two years, Neil's strategic plans have driven remarkable business growth and fostered innovation within our company. In the last 12 months alone, we achieved an outstanding increase in turnover, a testament to Neil's effective workforce management, systems optimisation, and revenue growth strategies. By investing in our systems and people, we improved productivity, enhanced our consultants' capabilities, and provided them with the tools necessary to excel in a competitive market. As a result we have opened two new offices, in Berlin and Hong Kong, within the last year.

With Neil's leadership, Nicoll Curtin has developed an innovation strategy that has been instrumental in driving productivity, retaining top talent, and effecting cultural change. By exploring new geographies, such as Berlin and Hong Kong, and establishing service centers to cater to specific regions, Nicoll Curtin has expanded its global presence and tapped into new opportunities. Additionally, investments in automation, knowledge bases, and systems have elevated our consultants' productivity, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Diverse Company Culture

We are a team comprising individuals from 22 different nationalities, speaking 20 different languages and coming from diverse professional backgrounds. Neil has always emphasised the value that diverse perspectives bring to our success. We celebrate our team's diversity, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard. All of our leaders' open-door policy, periodic anonymous surveys, and transparent communication have created a family-like atmosphere where every employee's voice matters. We are proud that our Glassdoor D&I rating is 4.6/5, and our leadership team is evenly split between women and men.

Investing in Growth and Development

At Nicoll Curtin, investing in the growth and development of our people is paramount. Under Neil's leadership, we have established individualised training programs, partnered with industry leading training providers, and implemented comprehensive onboarding processes. By providing opportunities for personal and professional development, we have empowered our employees to reach their full potential. Our commitment to investing in our people has resulted in high employee satisfaction, increased learning opportunities.

Neil Clark's shortlisting for the APSCo UK Business Leader of the Year award is a testament to his visionary leadership and outstanding contributions to our organisation since he took over the business in 2020. We extend our warmest congratulations to Neil and are looking forward to the awards ceremony where we hope to celebrate his well-deserved recognition.

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