Dublin event recap: AI's impact on finance and the future of work

Dublin event recap: AI's impact on finance and the future of work

On 28 November 2023, we were thrilled to host our inaugural Dublin event at the Hilton Dublin, tapping into the city's vibrant tech scene and its growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI). The evening focused on a topic that's top-of-mind for many professionals: the transformative power of AI in finance and beyond.

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A glimpse into the future

Our keynote speakers, Kieran Towey (Head of Applied Intelligence at KPMG) and Nilendra Singh (Data and AI Lead at Slalom Ireland), offered insightful perspectives on the AI landscape. Kieran emphasized that AI is not just a theoretical concept; it's already making waves in the business world, with significant investments pouring into the field. He challenged us with the question, "Are We Ready for the Future of AI?", sparking a lively discussion about AI's rapid development, its potential to reshape the workforce, and the crucial considerations we must address as we prepare for this new era.

Nilendra dove into the fascinating realm of "AI in the Public Sector: Transforming Governance," illuminating how AI is already playing a significant role in shaping how governments operate and serve their citizens, a particularly relevant topic in a city like Dublin, known for its innovative public sector initiatives.

Key takeaways from the discussion

  • AI is here and now: AI has moved beyond academia and is actively being implemented in businesses, as evidenced by major investments like Microsoft's acquisition of Nuance Communications.
  • Exponential growth: The computational power of AI models is doubling every six months, leading to rapid advancements in AI capabilities.
  • Impact on the workforce: AI has the potential to significantly impact the workforce, with studies suggesting it could boost productivity and even replace workers who don't adapt to its use.
  • Transforming industries: AI is poised to transform various industries, particularly knowledge work, by automating tasks and augmenting human capabilities.
  • Ethical considerations: As AI becomes more integrated into our lives, it's crucial to consider the ethical implications and ensure responsible AI development and deployment.

We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended our Dublin event. Your enthusiasm and participation made it a resounding success!

The Dublin tech scene

Dublin has emerged as a major tech hub in Europe, attracting global tech giants and fostering a thriving startup ecosystem. The city's focus on innovation and technology makes it a prime location for exploring the impact of AI on various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and government.

Stay tuned

This event was the first in a series of engaging discussions in Dublin. We're committed to exploring the most relevant topics impacting the finance and professional sectors in Ireland and are currently planning our second event. To stay informed about the details of our upcoming events and secure your spot, sign up for our mailing list below. We look forward to seeing you at our next gathering!

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