Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

We believe in the power of diversity and how it drives a high-performance business. We live it ourselves and are constantly learning new ways to improve. Nicoll Curtin employees around the world work in an environment where diversity, including diversity of thought, is the norm. At Nicoll Curtin, we take pride in our gender diversity, with a 52% female-to-male staff ratio overall, and our senior team maintaining an equal 50% representation of males and females as of the beginning of 2024.

Recruitment and selection

We are aware of the key role we play for our clients and believe we can actively assist in creating more opportunities for the best talent regardless of their background. 

What is clear in our industry and market is that businesses want to see a wide pool of talent. As an inclusive company, we support this goal and aim to send at least one diverse CV in every three. This means if there were three CVs, at least one would be from a candidate with characteristics that is different from the other two.

We conduct regular reviews of our processes and provide ongoing training to our staff, ensuring that the methods and materials used in the recruitment and selection of internal and external candidates are free from bias and discrimination. To enhance our efforts, we have hired an internal DEI consultant who conducts workshops and assists the team in consistently improving our DEI hiring practices. Consequently, all advertisements, application forms, assessment materials, interview questions, job descriptions, and selection criteria are designed to be fair and relevant to the respective roles. All of our processes have the highest effort to ensure the inclusivity of the applicants and the application processes.

We also make sure to constantly update our job boards and undertake data protection activities, so that we can track data related to gender, age and background, and therefore, can track our performance when it comes to diverse hiring.

Benefits for our clients 

  • Working with consultants, who are a diverse group of professionals and understand the importance of diversity 

  • Having access to a diverse pool of candidates

  • Uncovering and avoiding unconscious bias

  • Tips on best practice interview techniques