Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Committing to a Sustainable Future: Nicoll Curtin's Pledges and Strategies

At Nicoll Curtin, we are committed to building a business fit for the future. We recognise the pressing need to address sustainability and have embarked on a journey guided by the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Through rigorous assessment, we are not only evaluating our current sustainability practices but also laying the foundation for short and long-term commitments that will shape the future of our company and the sector we work in.

Our ESG Committee

Our company's Head of Governance leads the ESG Committee, a dedicated team responsible for establishing and implementing pledges across all aspects of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) within our company. With offices in strategic locations, including the UK, Serbia, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland, the committee comprises representatives from each of these regions. This committee framework not only ensures that our ESG strategy remains authentic but also allows the committee to voice local perceptions, needs, and unique considerations, thereby fostering a holistic and inclusive approach to our sustainability efforts.

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Safeguarding the environment is a cornerstone of our commitment. Here's how we are making a positive impact:

  • All our offices across the company have embraced a paper-light approach, resorting to printing only when absolutely necessary, and when we do, we ensure it's done on recycled paper.
  • We have consciously chosen offices committed to environmental improvement, including those with accolades like the Serbia Gold LEED certificate, Singapore BCA Green Mark 2020 Award, UK Green Building Council, and more.
  • Encouraging the use of public transport for daily commutes and providing loans for travel ticket purchases.
  • Our team opts for public transport even when attending business meetings.
  • Responsible consumption practices, including a ban on single-use plastics, efficient lighting systems, and a commitment to recycling and upgrading to energy-efficient equipment.

We are determined to protect the environment, and for 2024, we have several key focuses:

  1. We will send representatives from each office to environmental courses to deepen their knowledge.
  2. We will mindfully track all team travel to assess our carbon footprint, followed by a carbon offsetting initiative.
  3. We will collaborate with our third-party IT provider to create an Energy Conservation plan.
  4. We will launch a gamified challenge for our team to better understand their environmental impact.
  5. We will conduct comprehensive reviews of our global offices, assessing energy consumption, recycling processes, cleaning products, and sourcing sustainable snacks.
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Nicoll Curtin places people at the forefront of its business, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive workplace. Here is what we do to maintain an inclusive and happy work life for all of our employees:

  • We actively seek annual employee feedback to enhance our work environment.
  • Our diverse workforce comprises individuals from various nationalities.
  • All employees receive competitive base salaries and are paid above the minimum wage.
  • We offer bespoke training through our L&D leader, irrespective of gender, ability, or level.
  • Regular reviews with line managers, featuring 360-degree feedback, foster growth.
  • We provide clear career paths and expectations.
  • Our senior management proudly comprises 50% women.
  • Rigorous reviews of employment contracts, the employee handbook, and policies are ongoing.
  • Our offices are strategically located, offer excellent facilities, relaxation areas, and prioritise safety.
  • A comprehensive range of benefits, including financial wellbeing, health insurance, language classes, and more, is continually reviewed.
  • We equip all new starters with top-notch technology.

Our dedication to sustainability goes hand in hand with ensuring the satisfaction and wellbeing of our incredible team. We are proud to share some remarkable statistics reflecting our employees' contentment (Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023):

  1. 100% of our team finds genuine enjoyment in their day-to-day work.
  2. 100% of our team acknowledges the abundant opportunities for skill development within the company.
  3. 98% of our team maintains a healthy work-life balance.
  4. 97% of our team appreciates constructive and regular feedback from their managers.
  5. 100% of our team expresses confidence in our senior leadership's ability to steer the Group in the right direction.

We are committed to a unified charity aim across the group, utilising our skills to support the local community.

  1. We will conduct regular benefits reviews to ensure they meet our team's evolving needs.
  2. We will implement long-stay interviews to improve team retention.
  3. We will introduce exit interviews for departing employees to enhance retention efforts.
  4. We will launch a gWe are committed to explore ways to further enhance mental health support for our team across the Group.
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Solid governance underpins our success at Nicoll Curtin:

  • We place great importance on creating robust governance structures. In 2023, we have appointed a Head of Group Corporate Governance, who is tasked to create and implement a tailored ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy for Nicoll Curtin Group.
  • Our senior leadership team boasts extensive experience.
  • The Board actively participates in ensuring Nicoll Curtin maintains strong governance.
  • We conduct annual reviews of our supply chain.
  • All our office locations are carefully selected to be free from corruption.
  • We value transparency and actively seek feedback from all stakeholders.
  • While we celebrate our successes, we remain committed to continuous improvement.

  1. We are actively exploring a framework for reporting on ESG across the Group.
  2. A comprehensive review of GDPR, CSR policy, anti-slavery measures, ABC (Anti-Bribery and Corruption), and our Whistleblowing policy is in progress.
  3. We will develop an Ethics Policy.
  4. We will conduct a thorough assessment of our supply chain to determine third-party commitments to ESG.

Our Commitment to Sustainability: A message from our CEO

Team dinner party

ESG has evolved into a vital component of our business strategy, and it's something all of our stakeholders; customers, suppliers and staff alike, now expect us to wholeheartedly embrace. We understand that when done right, sustainability not only aligns with our values but also actively promotes the success of our company while supporting our broader strategic objectives.

It's essential to emphasise that we do not view sustainability as a mere checkbox exercise. We are dedicated to authenticity, and we will only commit to pledges and strategies that genuinely resonate with our Group's principles and ambitions.

While Nicoll Curtin has been operating in a compliant manner for many years, we recognise that we are at the outset of our sustainability journey. Our initial steps involve a thorough evaluation of our existing business practices and processes. We aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of where we currently stand, laying the foundation for future benchmarking and setting achievable sustainability targets.

As we embark on this journey, we are enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie ahead. I believe that together, we will set industry standards and contribute to a sustainable future for our organisation and the communities we serve.

I am confident that our collective dedication and commitment to sustainability will not only drive positive change within Nicoll Curtin but will also inspire those around us. I would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone at Nicoll Curtin for their ongoing dedication to our company's values and mission.

Neil Clark, Nicoll Curtin Group CEO

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