Top paying Fintech jobs in 2023

Top paying Fintech jobs in 2023

Here at Nicoll Curtin we are fortunate to work with some of the best companies in the UK & Ireland. Because of this, we get to speak to hiring managers, HR, candidates and those open for a conversation about the current market. This gives us a unique insight into the market with our current clients and available rates elsewhere. We cover varying positions at Nicoll Curtin within Leadership, Project and Functions, Cloud and Infrastructure, Information Security, Software Development, Software Testing, Data and Analytics, Cyber Security and User Experience.

With the help of this knowledge and experience, we put together a list of highly paying jobs in the Fintech space. Here are the best paying Fintech jobs in 2023 in the UK and Ireland.


C Suite roles followed by Management/Director roles

Unsurprisingly, C Suite roles topped the bill for the UK and Ireland. These individuals make top level decisions which impact multiple stakeholders throughout their organisation so a high priority in getting the best and right person for the role is placed on these positions. Closely followed by Management and Head of/ Director level which can vary from each department what salary they command. Head of Development Engineering topping the bill.


Software Backend Developer tops the ‘hands-on roles’

Moving onto the more hands-on positions the highest paid roles in 2023 will be:

1. Software Developer

2. Software Architect

3. Java Engineer

4. Data Scientist

5. Python Developer

These Developers contribute largely to the long-term execution of a project and can be very influential on the performance of a company’s application or website.


Cyber, Data and Cloud will also be in strong positions

Moving into 2023 there is already a strong foothold for Cyber, Data and Cloud to propel themselves higher up the rankings. Companies are placing a higher importance on these areas due to long term up-scaling plans.

Cyber, Data, Cloud roles which could boom in 2023:

1. Data Engineer

Having data easily accessible and well established will put companies ahead of competitors.

2. Data Scientist

Understanding the data you have has never been more influential.

3. Cloud Engineer

The world is moving to the cloud. These engineers will be crucial for many more businesses.

4. Penetration Testing

Ensuring a robust defense is tested and amended.

5. Security Architecture

Designing security systems to protect what is most important.

During a time of unrest in technology due to layoffs and insecurity, Fintech companies are really well placed to calmly continue their upward trajectory after successfully hiring a great base layer of individuals organically. 2023 could be a great year within Fintech space and an exciting time to join a growing company.

If you would like to discuss the current market any further or provide some of your own insight, we would love to have a discussion. Please feel free to reach out to the writer of this blog, Aaron Dhammi.

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