Who is a purple minded programmer?

Who is a purple minded programmer?

Colourcodes of programmers ​

When one of the top financial services news and recruitment outlet, eFinancial Careers, got in touch with us to ask about the Purple Minded Programmers, we were not entirely surprised. It is not a widely used term and not yet appearing in job titles or job descriptions, however, it has started to be mentioned in team structures of big companies.

Our principal consultant, Rishipal Singh, was quoted in an eFinancial Careers article and said purple minded is used to describe an approach. "The term purple people has been used in the technology sector as an identification that an individual poses both business (blue) and technical (red) skills." This makes people "technofunctional," says Singh. Confusingly, Singh says that in cyber-security being purple also means being able to understand both sides: "defensive (blue) and offensive (red).”

What does this mean for programmers searching for a new job?

Rishipal advised that having a skill set like this would definitely make you stand out. “It is very desirable within any organisation. Tier 1 technology firms typically implement ‘loop rounds’ that used to assess the aptitude, mindsets and cultural fit of the candidates.

However, given the current technology talent demand, most businesses, banks or start-ups are mainly looking at the candidates programming skills and fundamentals to produce clean codes as the main priority.”

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