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Associate Consultant Specialising in Change and Transformation

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​Top in-demand IT skills in Germany for 2024

Germany stands as a beacon of innovation in Europe, boasting a robust tech workforce exceeding 1.3 million professionals. This figure is expected to rise further this year, proven by the heightened...

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The power of networking in tech careers

In the fast-paced world of technology, networking holds immense importance. Whether you're seeking a new role or aiming for promotion in your current workplace, fostering professional connections c...

Three people in suits sitting at a desk in an office. They have notepads, reports with charts and a coffee cup in on the desk.
Contracting vs. permanent hiring in Germany

The German tech industry is thriving and is creating ongoing demand for skilled professionals. With this high demand comes the choice between contract and permanent hiring which presents unique adv...

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Unlock global career opportunities in Serbia

Working in an International SettingJoining an international company offers many advantages. It provides exposure to diverse cultures, practices, and business methodologies. Multicultural environmen...

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Explore the Future of AI in Dublin

Join us for an exclusive in-person event exploring the convergence of finance and technology. This free event will feature keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and valuable insights into the...

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Launching a global career with international companies

Expanding horizonsMany professionals aspire to start a global career, aiming to tap into the vast opportunities presented by the international market. Launching a global career can be an great jour...

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Hiring top talent in Berlin's tech startup scene

Berlin's dynamic tech startup ecosystem is a magnet for visionary entrepreneurs and global investors. Located at the heart of Europe, this city blends creativity, diversity, and entrepreneurial zea...

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Statement about scam messages

​8 September 2023​It has come to our attention that some individuals who have no affiliation with our company have been engaging in fraudulent activities, misleading the public in Switzerland thr...

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​We received Partner of the Year Award

We’re pleased to announce that Nicoll Curtin has secured the Partner of the Year Award from Allegis Global Suppliers (AGS). This is an achievement we’re very proud to have received. It reflects our...