Tamara Lazic

Associate ConsultantSpecialising in Cloud and Infrastructure, Data, Software Development

When asked why she joined the group Tamara said "I am joining Nicoll Curtin because I will be surrounded by a great team of successful people. Connecting the right talent with great companies means doing what I love. Taking everything into account, I am eagerly anticipating all the challenges we will encounter together and turning them into an opportunity to thrive!"

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On track, on target and focused on people – Celebrating a year of growth

​It has been just over a year since Neil Clark sat down in the CEO chair here at Nicoll Curtin supporting BeecherMadden, so now seems a good time to take a little look back at the way things have c...

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What is the process once you receive a contract job offer?

​Once you have accepted your offer, we will start the compliance and onboarding process. The majority of our clients dictate the type of compliance we undertake, and this will be explained to you i...

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Backing Tomorrow – Diversity and Inclusion in the Technology Sector

​Diversity and inclusion are very much on the agenda for employers of every size. At no point in history have we been as collectively aware of how necessary it is to encourage as diverse a workforc...

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What is IR35?

​The Intermediaries Reporting Legislation was established in the UK in April 2000 with the intention to stop tax fraud by limited company candidates in contract roles. If your role is deemed insi...

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Struggling to find the right recruitment agency for you?

​If a recruitment agency is not meeting your expectations, then maybe it’s time to start the search elsewhere for the right agency for you. ​Is this recruitment agency genuine?Many businesses work...

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Limited Company or Umbrella?

​This blog will briefly discuss the benefits of working with us via your own limited company or an umbrella company. If you would like to read more about IR35 and what this means please follow t...

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Preferred Supplier List (PSL)

​The companies on our PSL are able to assist contractors in setting up Limited Companies or facilitating an Umbrella service. They have been credit checked and signed an agreement where they assure...

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How to be a successful recruitment consultant

​With a high earning potential and early opportunities to progress, recruitment has become a career of choice for graduates. But what skills and attributes does it take to lead a successful career ...

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Are bad hires killing your business?

​No business owner or hiring manager wants to hire the wrong person for the job. Yet so many of us do. The Harvard Business Review stated that ‘80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decis...