Celebrating 100K LinkedIn Followers

Celebrating 100K LinkedIn Followers

Since Neil Clark took over as CEO in 2020, Nicoll Curtin is on track for a year on year unprecedented business growth. We recently recorded an amazing 113% annual rise in contract book. We are increasing the size of our teams, and our next plans including expansions to Berlin and Hong Kong.

Growth in numbers is a company-wide trend now, as we also have reached 100K LinkedIn followers last month! This is a huge milestone for us. We have welcomed nearly 10k new followers only within the last 90 days. We would like to thank to all of our community; our consultantsbusiness services team, our candidates, clients, suppliers and supporters.

How we will celebrate

This milestone inspires us. We think that the best way to celebrate this is to deliver even more value to our followers. We will use our LinkedIn company page to continue connecting outstanding talent with industry leading companies in the TechnologyChange and Cyber Security sectors through our jobs. In addition to this, we will share more company news, blogs, our thoughts and industry insights, and career guidance in the sectors we specialise.

The success we have achieved in LinkedIn is encouraging us to continue our conversation with our followers on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Make sure following us on these platforms too.

Best time to join Nicoll Curtin

It is a very exciting time to be part of Nicoll Curtin and to start a career in technology recruitment! Check out our jobs, exceptional perks and benefits, and join our award-winning team!

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