Our Values

We think like our customers

We deliver excellent customer experience to our clients and candidates by understanding their needs and aspirations. A win for the customer is our goal. We aim to think and act with our customer's voice in our heads. We harness a strategic attitude, attention, respect, and care to build trusted partnerships.

We deliver

Integrity is our team’s key characteristic, which means that we get results for ourselves and our customers. We work hard and we value being proactive, resourceful, and 100% reliable. We deliver without excuses.

We think smart for us and our business

We make great decisions that further our individual ambitions and support the business’ growth. We value transparency and communicate business goals regularly. As its people, we are Nicoll Curtin’s biggest asset. When we are successful so is the company.

We learn everyday

We serve constantly evolving and expanding sectors; our specialist recruiters aim to be ahead of the game. We don’t take success for granted, which is why we value continuous learning, development, and intellectual and operational growth. We always look to improve our processes and strive to deepen our knowledge daily.

We never give up

This value signifies drive and resilience. Recruitment can be a bumpy road. We believe that success comes with a positive attitude to challenges, determination, and constantly reframing possibilities. We value collaboration, a team that shares the same ambitions and supports each other in remaining focused and confident at difficult times.

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