Banks Vs Fintech: Competition for tech talent

Banks Vs Fintech: Competition for tech talent

​Are fintechs losing their staff to banks?

Nicoll Curtin was featured in a recent Financial Times article about the latest tech employment trends. Our executive director Sam Burks spoke to the FT, and said it is not rare to see candidates moving from fintech startups to traditional financial institutions with a lower base salary. With the current economic climate, global layoffs, and cost of living crisis, some of the tech talent seek stability — although some are still taking the plunge in the opposite direction.

The fintech side of the picture is not all dark at all. Burks highlighted to Financial Times, that investors are continuing to put money into early-stage fintechs with reasonable business plans. These are less capital-intensive than fully grown, later-stage counterparts and investors are happy to offer them a path to growth. Hence, those who are hoping to make a career shift to fintech after an executive MBA are not without options.

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